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We investigate how the organization of molecules at a surface impacts the interactions of the interface with other materials and the dynamic phenomena that result from those interactions. We study phenomena at both biological interfaces and chemically patterned surfaces that interact with soft matter – liquids; polymers; and biological materials, like cells, viruses, proteins, and lipids.


Group News

May 2017:
CONGRATULATIONS to Han-Yuan Liu on successfully defending his MS yesterday! Han-yuan will continue on with the Daniel group for his Ph.D. studying the process of oncogenic microvesicle interaction with cell surfaces and pioneering new lipid bilayer platforms. Keep up the great work!

CONGRATULATIONS to Tiffany Tang: she was awarded an NSF graduate research fellowship today! That makes two this year! Well-deserved, ladies! Keep up the great work!

April 2017:
The Daniel lab attends the Cornell Center for Infection and Pathobiology Retreat at Greek Peak and shares our research while learning a lot about other great things going on at Cornell!

The Daniel lab host's Professor Joelle Frechette of Johns Hopkins University for today's seminar

Lakshmi Nathan headed down to Washington DC for the science march with Cornell ASAP (Advancing Science and Policy) and to meet with her State's Senators and representatives. Way to go, Lakshmi!
Professor Daniel and Aravind Ratajaran speak about the importance of science research and education at the Ithaca Science March

Congratulations to former student and current assistant professor at NTU, Dr. Chun-ti Chang, on his paper being highlighted by Physical Review E's Kaleidoscope

Listen to Prof. Daniel and her collaborators, Prof. Gary Whittaker and Prof. Colin Parish, speak about their research on "This week in Virology" podcast. Find it here!

March 2017:
CONGRATULATIONS to Zeinab Mohamed on her NSF graduate research fellowship and Tiffany Tang for her honorable mention! Well-deserved, ladies! Keep up the great work!

Professor Daniel gives a seminar at Indiana University in the Chemistry department, entitled,"Tracking Host-Pathogen Interactions One Virion at a Time."

Professor Daniel receives the Cook Award for improving the climate for women in CBE. Read more here.

February 2017:
Congratulations to Chun-ti Chang for the acceptance of his paper in Physical Review E entitled, "Footprint Geometry and Sessile Drop Resonance."

Professor Daniel gives and invited talk at the Physical Virology Gordon Research Conference in Tuscany, Italy. She spoke about, "An Engineering Approach to Studies of Host-Pathogen Interactions."

Lakshmi Nathan "spreads the word" about her research on Ebola virus entry at the Physical Virology Gordon Research Conference! AND congratulations to Lakshmi for being chosen to be the next GRS chair at the 2019 Physical Virology Gorodon Research Seminar, which will be held in Ventura, CA!

January 2017:
Congratulations to Mark Richards on the acceptance of his paper into Langmuir, entitled, "Two-Phase Contiguous Supported Lipid Bilayer Model for Membrane Rafts via Polymer Blotting and Stenciling"

December 2016:
Professor Daniel has joined Twitter! Follow her here:

Professor Daniel is off to France again for 3 weeks to continue the collaborative work with Prof. Roisin Owens at EMSE and Prof. Alberto Salleo of Stanford. They will be working on new biotransistor devices for sensing applications.

November 2016:
Daniel, DeLisa, Paszek, and Shuler receive the first Robert F. Smith Innovation Fund seed grant on, "Spatio-temporal Biomanufacturing of Therapeutic Proteins using Membrane-bound Enzymes."

The Daniel group makes up mashed potatoes for the annual CBE Thanksgiving!
Welcome to our newest member, Zeinab Mohamed!

Congratulations to Lakshmi Nathan for being awarded a travel grant to attend the Gordon Research Conference on Physical Virology in Italy in 2017! Lakshmi is one of the inaugural winners of the Lisa Walker Travel Grant from CBE Women.

Han-Yuan Liu gives his poster on "Characterization of Molecularly-Complete Planar Supported Cell Plasma Membranes for Biomedical Applications" at the 2016 Annual AICHE meeting in San Francisco.

Rohit Singh gives his talk at the 2016 Annual AICHE meeting in San Francisco.

Professor Daniel gave a seminar in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute entitled, "Molecularly Complete Supported Lipid Bilayers Bring Bioanalytical Devices Closer to in vivo Architectures"

Professor Daniel is named a finalist for the GEDC (Global Engineering Deans Council)/Airbus Diversity Award.
Read about it here.

October 2016:
Halloween in Olin Hall!

Welcome to our newest member, Johana Uribe!

Congrats to HungLun Hsu for passing his A exam! Great job!

Check out our graduate students getting ready for our upcoming WOMEN outreach event. Here they are practicing a new activity for this year just outside Olin Hall on a nice fall afternoon!

Check out the featured news item in MRS Bulletin on our work in creating conductive polymer substrates for biosensing applications. Read the feature article here.

Two in one month! Congratulations to Hunglun Hsu on the acceptance of his paper in Nature Emerging Pathogens and Infections! This work, lead by Jean Millet, is entitled, "A Camel-derived MERS-CoV with a Variant Spike Protein Cleavage Site and Distinct Fusion Activation Properties."

Congratulations to Hunglun Hsu on the acceptance of his first paper in Nature Scientific Reports! The paper, entitled, "Viral fusion efficacy of specific H3N2 influenza virus reassortant combinations at single-particle level" describes his study to understand the impact of varying the combinations of HA and NA on viral particles, as might occur during reassortant events.

September 2016:
Congratulations to Prof. Paul Cremer on being honored with the 2016 ANACHEM award! Here are a few of the old group members getting together to celebrate at the SciX conference during a special symposium in Paul's honor. It was great to see everyone!

Professor Daniel and Rohit Singh attend and present Daniel Group research at Liposomes, Exosomes, and Virosomes: From Modeling Complex Membrane Processes to Medical Diagnostics and Drug Delivery in Ascona, Switzerland. Professor Daniel gave a talk entitled, "Membrane protein mobility and orientation preserved in supported bilayers created directly from cell plasma membrane blebs" and Rohit presented a poster on, "Single Particle Tracking in Cushioned, Blebbed Supported Lipid Bilayers Enables Studies of Transmembrane Protein Diffusion"

Congratulations to Donald Lee and Hunglun Hsu on the acceptance of their paper in PLoS One! The paper entitled, Image Restoration and Analysis of Influenza Virions Binding to Membrane Receptors Reveal Adhesion-Strengthening Kinetics, describes methods to track single virions binding to supported lipid bilayers and the impact of receptor oligosaccharide groups on binding strength.

Read the Cornell Chronicle article on our new paper entitled, A Molecularly Complete Planar Bacterial Outer Membrane Platform. This work, published in Nature Scientific Reports, describes the first bacterial membrane supported bilayer that contains not just the bacterial lipids, but also the proteins and lipopolysaccharides. The application for this advance is in development of anti-bacterials, especially those that target bacteria-specific proteins. In addition, this technology enables delivery of proteins to planar platforms compatible with many analytical tools, potentially benefitting a myriad of biotechnology applications.

Promotion of the Daniel group's work is highlighted on the Cornell Research site. Read about "Working the Surfaces - Cell, Water Droplets" here.

August 2016:
Great news! The Steen and Daniel groups are awarded a grant from NSF and NASA to study drop dynamics and coalescence events on the International Space Station.

Congratulations to the newest PhD from the group: Dr. Angela Hsia! Congratulations on a great defense and fantastic body of work! We will miss you but wish you the best of luck at your new post!

Congratulations to Angela Hsia and Rohit Singh on the acceptance of their paper in Nature Scientific Reports! The paper is entitled, "A Molecularly Complete Planar Bacterial Outer Membrane Platform" and showcases Angela's work to create the most complete supported bilayer version of a bacterial membrane for development of anti-bacterial agents. Her work will be featured in an upcoming Cornell Chronicle article, so check back for that!

Congratulations to Hunglun Hsu and Jean Millet (Whittaker group) on their successful completion of the Cayuga Lake Triathalon!!!

The Daniel group is awarded a new NSF grant from the Energy for Sustainability Program entitled, "Collaborative Research: Microbial Fuel Cell Optimization through Digital Microfluidic Electrochemistry in Single-Bacterial Drops". This work will be led by a new post doc joining the lab, Dr. Yiyan Li, and in collaboration with Prof. Dan Hassett in the Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

July 2016:
Congratulations to Angela Hsia and Yi Zhang for their paper being accepted in Advanced Function Materials, entitled, "Supported lipid bilayer assembly on PEDOT:PSS films and transistors"

The Daniel group enjoys a day at Cayuga lake in kayaks and SUPs! See more pictures here.

Professor Daniel is elected to be the Vice-Chair in 2018, and Chair in 2020 of the Bioanalytical Sensors Gordon Research Conference. Here she is at the conference this year in Newport, RI:

June 2016:
Lakshmi Nathan presents her work at the American Society of Virology's Annual Meeting in Blacksburg, Virginia on, "A Microfluidic Single Particle Tracking Platform for Investigating Ebolavirus Fusion." Lakshmi was also a recipient of a travel grant for this meeting. Great job, Lakshmi!

Lakshmi Nathan, along with some fellow colleagues in the department, participate in a unique leadership opportunity this month. The Coleman program teachings PhD level students how to lead and explore within themselves. Read about it here in this Cornell Chronicle article, along with a nice quote from Lakshmi about it.

The Denice Denton Emerging Leaders Workshop was a huge success! Professor Daniel thanks all her fellow colleagues serving on the steering committee and those who contributed to a fantastic program, featuring two university presidents, several deans, and many others! Their candid stories of success, perserverance, and "always moving forward" were a great inspiration.

May 2016:
Professor Daniel is quoted in "Chemistry World" on and article by an IBM-lead team that created antiviral polymers for virus neutralization. Read it here.

Professor Daniel wins Travel grant from the Burroughs-Wellcome Foundation to continue collaborative work with Prof. Roisin Owens in France on interfacing lipid bilayers with PEDOT.

Professer Daniel is invited to give a talk at the upcoming Gordon Research Conference on "Physical Virology" in Barga, Italy.

Texas Hold 'em night with Vegas night winners!

April 2016:
Read an article about CBE's signature outreach event: WOMEN, which stands for "Women's Outreach in Materials, Energy, and Nanobiotechnology". The article tells us what inspired the founding graduate students to create this event, and it's continued impact and lasting legacy. Read the article here.

Great news! Our grant was funded to begin a new project/collaboration with the Fischbach Lab in BME on cancer microvesicle interactions with cell membranes. This new project will fund a new student in our lab this fall.

Congratulations to Lakshmi Nathan for being named a Fleming Scholar! With a generous gift from Sam and Nancy Fleming to support graduate student research in the biomolecular program, the department selects 4 students each year to be named "Fleming Scholars." Through a competitive process, the fellowships are awarded to outstanding PhD students pursuing research in biomolecular engineering and who have distinguished themselves as promising scholars in their particular areas. Way to go, Lakshmi!

Donald Lee's latest paper on Parvo virus transmission to other host species is featured in the "Articles of Significant Interest Selected from This Issue by the Editors" in the latest edition of Journal of Virology. The Chronicle publishes a piece about it. Read the news article here. Professor Daniel's pup, Oliver, features prominently! Check out the research article here.

Professor Daniel gives a seminar in the Department of Bioelectrics at Ecole de Mine Saint-Etienne in France entitled, "Mobile, Oriented, Proteinaceous Supported Bilayers Made Directly from Cell Plasma Membranes for Bioanalytical Devices."

Professor Daniel gives a seminar in the Department of Physics at Chalmers University entitled, "An Engineering Approach to Probing Host-Pathogen Interactions."

Professor Daniel visits the Department of Physics at Chalmers University of Technology to serve as a faculty opponent for a PhD defense in Fredrik Hook's research group. Congratulations to Bjorn Johansson Fast on his achievements and excellent dissertation entitled, “Hydrodynamic flow for deterministic sorting of cell-membrane components.”

March 2016:

We appreciate this generous support of our work! Read the Cornell Chronical article about the Schwartz award here.

Professor Daniel gives an invited talk at Pittcon 2016 in Atlanta entitled, "Mobile, Oriented Proteinaceous Supported Bilayers Made Directly from Cell Plasma Membranes for Bioanalytical Assays". Read the abstract here.

February 2016:

Congratulations to Dr. Donald Lee on the acceptance of his paper in Journal of Virology entitled, "Single-particle tracking shows a point mutation in the carnivore parvovirus capsid switches binding between host-specific transferrin receptors"!

Professor Daniel is featured in a "Breaking the Rules" story on the College of Engineering website. Read it here and learn about how she blazed her trail to Cornell.

Our department receives a $50 million gift from Robert Frederick Smith, a former alumnus of CBE, who is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Vista Equity Partners. He credits his success with his experience at Cornell:

“I have had the privilege of being a Cornell graduate with a degree in engineering,” said Smith. “I credit much to my career success to being an engineer by training. Engineers solve problems and fix things. Along my career I have become increasingly concerned by the lack of diversity across the engineering and tech disciplines. My direct intention here is to work directly with Cornell Tech and Cornell Engineering, in New York City and in Ithaca, to create direct on-ramps for African-Americans and young women to enter tech so that they can help lead us into the fourth industrial revolution."

Read more about this historical event here.

Robert Frederick Smith with our department director, Prof. Lynden Archer

January 2016:

Congratulations to Mark Richards on the acceptance of his paper entitled, "Membrane protein mobility and orientation preserved in supported bilayers created directly from cell plasma membrane blebs" in Langmuir!

Professor Daniel will assume the role of Director of Graduate Studies for CBE beginning January 1, for a three-year term.

December 2015:

The Daniel group joins for one last meal together before Donald embarks on his new life in DC!

Professor Daniel presents a talk at MRS in Boston entitled, "Mobile, Functional Proteinaceous Supported Bilayers Made Directly from Cell Plasma Membranes"

November 2015:

Congratulations to Dr. Donald Lee for successfully defending his PhD!

Congratulations to Donald Lee on landing a position with the Biotechnology HPC Software Applications Institute (BHSAI) in the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. Best of luck in your new post!

Welcome to Dr. Yi Zhang, a visiting scientist from the Bioelectronics Laboratory (BEL) in Ecole des Mines in Provence, France. She will visit for 6 weeks to collaborate on a project to marry biolgical membranes with PEDOT, a conductive polymer.

Lakshmi Nathan has been awarded a travel grant to attend AICHE this year. The travel grant is sponsored by the AIChE Women's Initiative Committee. It provides $500 for female graduate students and postdocs to attend the AIChE annual meeting. 14 awards were made this year. Congrats, Lakshmi! Here she is receiving it at the meeting:

Lakshmi Nathan presents a talk at the Annual AICHE Meeting entitled, "A Microfluidic Single Particle Tracking Platform for Screening Ebolavirus Antivirals"

Angela Hsia presents a talk at the Annual AICHE Meeting entitled, "Supported Bilayers Composed of Bacterial Outer Membranes for the Study of Lipopolysaccharide Interactions with Antimicrobial Peptides"

The Daniel group hosts Professor Nick Melosh of Stanford University, Materials Science and Engineering for a department seminar talk this month.

October 2015:

Happy halloween from the Daniel Group!

Professor Daniel to speak at the DROPLETS 2015 conference. Her talk is entitled, "Substrate constraints modify the Rayleigh spectrum of sessile drops" in the Netherlands.

Professor Daniel gives a departmental seminar at Clarkson University entitled, "Wiggling, giggling, vibrating drops on surfaces ‘dance’ with specific rhythms"

September 2015:

Congratulations to Mark Richards on landing a position at Morphotek!

Congratulations to Mark Richards on successfully defending his PhD! Way to go, Dr. Richards!

Welcome Miles Francken and Han-Yuan Liu to our group! Miles is a new MEng student and Han-Yuan is a new M.S. student. Both will work on characterization of our bleb systems for producing transmembrane proteins.

May 2015:

Professor Daniel presents an invited talk at the School, Biology for Physicists entitled, "Introduction to Virology" on Porquerolles Island in South of France.

Congratulations to Ashley Macner for being honored with the 2015 Hooey Award! This award is the highest honor that we as a department bestow on our graduate students. It recognizes those students in our program who have demonstrated the highest research quality and productivity and who have demonstrated a track record of service to their research group, department, and community.

April 2015:

Congratulations to Mark Richards and Angela Hsia on the acceptance of their paper in RSC Analytical Methods! Their paper, "A Review of Traditional and Emerging Methods to Characterize Lipid-Protein Interactions in Biological Membranes," highlights the field of membrane biology focused on understanding lipid-protein interactions and state-of-the-art.

Professor Daniel presents a seminar in Department of Chemistry, University of Regensburg in Germany titled: Single Particle Analytical Approaches for Characterizing Host-Pathogen Interactions

Congratulations to Lakshmi Nathan on receiving and NSF Graduate fellowship! These are one of the most competitive graduate fellowships in the country and Lakshmi's outstanding efforts made her stand out among her peers. A hearty congratulations to her and looking forward to her continued success!

Deirdre Costello's book chapter, "Single Particle Assay to Study Coronavirus Membrane Fusion" had been published in Coronaviruses: Methods and Protocols in Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer.

March 2015:

Professor Daniel presents an invited talk at the 2nd European Research Council Biomim Meeting in Grenoble, France. The title of her talk was: "Biomimetic Materials and in vitro Approaches for Characterizing Pathogen-Host Interactions"

Professor Daniel presents at the International Winterschool on Bioelectronics BioEl 2015 in Kirchberg, Austria. The title of her talk was: "Biomimetic Organic Electronic Devices for Ion Channel Sensing and Toxicology Applications"

February 2015:

Professor Daniel is selected to receive the 2015 Cook Award. The Award honors individuals who deserve recognition for their commitment to women's professional development and their contributions for changing the climate for women at Cornell.

A new review paper on "Generation of Motion of Drops with Interfacial Contact" to appear in Langmuir that summarizes contributions from Prof. Daniel's work and her former advisor, Prof. Manoj Chaudhury at Lehigh University.

Congratulations to Chun-ti Chang on the acceptance of his paper, "Dynamics of sessile drops. Part 2. Experiment", in Journal of Fluid Mechanics!

Professor Susan Daniel and her collaborator, Prof. Gary Whittaker in the Cornell Veterinary School received funding through a grant from the National Science Foundation’s RAPID Response Research program, to develop viral coat protein arrays for rapid development and screening of anti-fusogenic antivirals against Ebolavirus. This project leverages the successful collaboration between these research teams on understanding viral entry and fusion of membrane-enveloped viruses and their target host cells. This work will impact the development of novel drugs to block viral entry through the fusion pathway and enhance the response to future viral outbreaks. Click here for more information.

January 2015:

Professor Daniel gave a department seminar at the Institut Curie on Probing Virus-cell Interactions and Viral Entry Kinetics with Single Virion Tracking

Deidre's paper was selected for the cover of the Journal of Virology! Read it here

December 2014:

Ashley Macner successfully defends her thesis and we celebrate with a party at Agave restaurant! Congratulations, Dr. Macner!

November 2014:

Lakshmi Nathan joins our research team! She will be working on the virus entry team to understand the influence of protease enviroment on viral targeting to host cells. Welcome Lakshmi!

Professor Daniel speaks at Abengoa Research in Seville, Spain this month: The dynamics of droplets on surfaces with heat tranfser applications

October 2014:

Congratulations to Deirdre Costello on the acceptance of her paper entitled "Variation of pH sensitivity, acid stability, and fusogenicity of three influenza H3 subtypes" into the Journal of Virology.

August 2014:

Professor Daniel is off to France on sabbatical! She'll be working with Professor Roisin Owens on interfacing cells, lipids, and bioelectronics for pathogen detection and biosensing. You can learn more about the Center of Microelectronics in Provence and the Department of Bioelectronics here.

July 2014:

Congratulations to Dr. Chun-ti Chang for successfully defending his PhD thesis! We're proud of you!

June 2014:

The Daniel Group bids farewell to the first student to leave the PhD nest! Good luck to Deirdre Costello as she begins her position at Havard Medical School In Pricilla Yang's group!

Professor Daniel speaks at the Gordon Research Conference on Bioanalytical Sensing in Newport RI this month.

Hunglun Hsu presents his work on a poster at the GRC.

Angela Hsia gives a presentation of her work on bleb bilayer formation at the Keck Biomembrane Retreat in NYC. Hunglun Hsu, Rohit Singh, and Jun Yan present posters there as well. Great job all in spreading the word about your research! Here's a highlight clip from the conference.

Professor Daniel speaks at the Nidovirus conference in Salamanca Spain this month.

May 2014:

Read an article about the W.O.M.E.N. outreach program recently published in the AMC-W Newsletter! Click here.

Congratulations to Mark Richards for being honored with a DPE Graduate Student mentor award for his work with Huma Haider!

Professor Daniel receives the 2014 Zellman Warhaft Faculty Commitment to Diversity Award from the College of Engineering.

Here we are with our plaques at the DPE banquet!

April 2014:

Congratulations to Jun Yan for receiving an ELI grant to fund his summer research in our group!

The Daniel group is selected for a Weill-Ithaca Seed grant to study the fusion of vesicles using SNARES in collaboration with Dr. David Eliezer at Weill Medical in NYC!

February 2014:


Congratulations to Ashley Macner on the acceptance of her paper in Langmuir !

Thank you to Xerox for supporting our research with an unrestricted grant!

December 2013:
Congratulations to Deirdre Costello for successfully defending her PhD thesis!

Congratulations to Donald Lee and Vikram Thapar on the acceptance of their paper in Biophysical Journal !

November 2013:
Prof. Daniel's teaching advances are highlighted in this article in the Cornell Chronicle

Professor Daniel is now a member of the graduate field of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

October 2013:
The Daniel group regains our "Best Costume" award this Halloween!

Welcome to our newest group member, Rohit Singh!

Chun-ti Chang wins 2nd prize in the CASIS Contest for Ideas.
.....Read the Press Release here

Congratulations to Mark Richards for being named the "Best Oral Presentation" at this year's CBE Graduate Student Symposium! Great job!!!

August 2013:
Chun-ti Chang's paper hits the news! Check out these press releases from Science News and others:
.....Read the Press Releases here

The Daniel group heads to the Adirondacks together for some hiking and camping! Here we are on top of the world!
Check out more pictures here.

July 2013:
Chun-ti Chang's paper is accepted by Physical Review E! Congratulations Chun-ti!

Profs. Daniel and Whittaker are awarded a Feline Health Center Grant for their work on feline coronavirus.

Professor Daniel is now a member of the graduate field of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in the School of Mechanical and Aeropsace Engineering .

June 2013:
Congratulations to Mark Richards on his paper's acceptance in Analytical Chemistry! Read it here Read the Press on this work in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News here.

Congratulations to Deirdre Costello on her paper's acceptance in Biomaterials! Read it here

May 2013:
Congratulations to Hunglun Hsu for successfully completing the requirements for his Masters of Engineering degree! Hunglun will stay on with the Daniel Group and work towards his PhD degree beginning this summer.

Congratulations to Sijun Yang and Kevin Vasquez for successfully completing the requirements for their BS degrees this May! Kevin is off to graduate school at UT Austin and Sijun will begin working at Shell in Louisiana this summer! Best wishes to you both!

Congratulations to Mark Richards for an article publicizing his recent separations work in the May 15th edition of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. Check it out here.

April 2013:
Congratulations to Hunglun Hsu for receiving the Best Medical and Industrial Biotechnology Master of Engineering Project honor this year! This award recognizes outstanding research progress in a Master-level project. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Deirdre Costello for receiving the Hooey Award this year! The Hooey Award is the highest honor the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering gives to a PhD Candidate. The award recognizes outstanding research achievement and service to the community. Well-deserved!

Congratulations to Deirdre Costello on the acceptance of her paper in Langmuir ! Read it here.

The Daniel group is awarded a 3-year NSF grant from the Biosensing division to develop methods to detect and differentiate virus phenotypes in a mixture.

Professor Daniel is invited to give a talk at the upcoming Gordon Research Conference on Bioanalytical Sensors to be held in Rhode Island in June 2104.

October 2012:
Professor Daniel is presented with the Denice Denton Emerging Leader Award at the 2012 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. See her acceptance speech here.

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