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Courses Professor Daniel Teaches

Principles and Practices of Graduate Research CHEME 7920 

This is an introduction to graduate student life and research which Professor Daniel teaches to aid students transitioning from the undergraduate to graduate experience.

Physical and Chemical Kinetics CHEME 7130

This is a core graduate class which covers detailed treatment of mass transfer and diffusion with and without reactions, bridging microscale to macroscale behavior. Professor Daniel guides students in analysis of non-equilibrium processes. This course emphasizes critical reading of literature and presentation form. 

Becoming POWERFUL: Women’s Leadership Independent Study CHEME 4900

In this course, Professor Daniel teaches leadership, inclusion, and self-awareness for effective team building and professional development.

Unit Operations Laboratory CHEME 4320

This is a core undergraduate class. Professor Daniel teaches and leads the fluidized bed experiment, including statistical analysis and laboratory report writing. It is a writing intensive class which emphasizes safety and laboratory preparation.

Mass and Energy Balances ENGRD 2190 

This is a core undergraduate class. Professor Daniel teaches fundamental skills of conservation of mass and energy in multi-unit systems with and without reactions.  She introduces students to a variety of career opportunities in chemical engineering. The course includes multiple group projects covering modern topics, and introduced both writing exercises and presentation skills.

Fascinating Figures ENGRG 1305 & Wonder Women DSOC 1120

Both of these courses introduce freshmen to inspiring people and impactful role models from campus and the local area.


This is a four-part module on the biology and biophysics of cell membranes.