Yu-An (Annie) Chien


Ph.D. Candidate

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research Assistant





My project aims to investigate virus entry into host cells, especially the effect of different triggers on virus fusion and infection. Sialic acids are key receptors for many different types of viruses that control cell entry, and are also key components in intercellular interactions. Despite its critical role in many microbial interactions, how different structures of sialic acids affect related processes remains unclear. Therefore, I am working on elucidating how these modifications influence virus fusion and infection. With the utilization of single particle tracking technique, we are able to quantitatively study fusion kinetics to discern various parameters. My goal is to gain an in-depth understanding in factors of virus-host interaction and hopefully develop possible strategies to prevent the infection.



Professional Development

As part of my professional development, I am involved in the CBE Graduate Women’s Group and serve on the board of Cornell Taiwanese Student Association. I enjoy collaborating with others and improving my networking and communication skills.




Fun Facts

When I am not working on the projects, I love exploring different restaurants, snowboarding, binge-watching Netflix, drinking bubble tea, and cycling!