picture of zhongmou chao and bison

Zhongmou Chao


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering




Professional Background

I graduated with my PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh in 2020. My PhD thesis is focusing on the regulation of ionic liquid on silver nanofilament formation/dissolution dynamics in a polymer electrolyte and its potential application for neuromorphic computing.


Accurate and rapid detection of receptor-ligand interactions or host-pathogen interactions can be a powerful tool to understand a wide range of cell activities and pathogenic processes. My research goal at Daniel Lab is to advance the development of electrical measurement-compatible, supported lipid bilayers (SLBs)-based biomimetic devices to sense cell activities in a quantitative, high-throughput and label-free fashion.

Professional Development

During my PhD I conveyed the science in my research to a wide range of audiences, from scientists to middle schoolers, through attending scientific conferences and participating outreach activity at the Materials Science and Technology conference MS&T17.

Fun Facts

I believe cooking is just a combination of batch and semi-batch reactions. As a chemical engineer, if you don’t enjoy your time in the kitchen, I have reason to doubt your passion towards research. Besides kitchen, I also like weight room and Real Madrid.