Campus Collaborations  

In addition to the labs in Olin Hall, the Daniel Lab has access to these facilities.

Inverted Microscopes  

The Daniel Lab has two Zeiss Axio Observer microscopes. One is outfitted with TIRF and a Hammamatsu Ocra II ER camera for total internal reflection microscopy. The other has a wavelength tunable laser for photobleaching experiments and fluorescence recovery.

The following articles cover the history and uses of FRAP.

Upright Microscope  

The Zeiss Axioskop 40 and Hammamatsu ORCA CCD camera is for total internal reflection and general fluorescence studies.

Oxygen Plasma Cleaner and Deposition System

The Harrick oxygen plasma cleaner and deposition system is for surface modifications.

Biological Safety Cabinet

The Labconco safety cabinet is for virus work.


Chemical Fume Hood

The fume hood keeps us safe when working with chemicals.


The fluorimeter tracks fluorescence. 


Dynamic Light Scattering

The Malvern Zetasizer measures particles and zeta potentials. 

Deep Freezer

The VWR freezer cools samples to -80 F.

Wet Bench Space

Most of our work is done at the Wet Bench. 


Smaller Instruments

The Daniel Lab has analytical balances, pH meters, and other small instruments. Among these is a Metrohm Autolab potentiometer which is for electrochemical research.