Research Areas

The Daniel Team is a cohort of chemical engineers, biomolecular engineers, materials engineers, and biophysicists who are enthusiastic about the unlimited potential of the biotechnology revolution to solve society’s pressing challenges. We are fascinated by the phenomena that occurs at the biological interface known as the cell membrane. Our team pioneered the use of biomembrane chips to conduct cell-free studies of membrane functions and cellular processes. We use this platform to carry out studies in five focus areas.

Cell Membrane Biophysics

  • Membranes from plants, bacteria, and mammals
  • Single molecule tracking microscopy
  • Lipid and protein diffusion in membranes
  • Enzymatic reactions in membranes
  • Mechanical properties of membranes
  • Coupled reaction-diffusion processes in membranes

Understanding Host-Pathogen Interactions

  • Single particle tracking microscopy
  • Virus entry, binding, membrane fusion
  • Bacteria outer membrane vesicles
  • Oncogenic extracellular vesicles

Re-Creating Cellular Processes On A Chip

  • Microfluidics
  • Two dimensional cell-on-a-chip
  • Organelles-on-a-chip
  • Cell-free biomanufacturing on chip
  • Transport and reaction in biomembranes

Building Bioelectronic Biomembrane Devices

  • Protein ion channel function
  • Membrane disruption and antibiotics
  • Pathogen-cell interactions
  • Plant biomembrane sensors

Interfacial Engineering & Wetting

  • Self-assembled monolayers and bilayers
  • Digital and microfluidics
  • Droplet dynamics

Research Funding

The research of the Daniel Lab is funded by grants and fellowships. Check out the links below to see lists of our current and past funding and fellowships our students have been awarded.