Outreach Activities of the Daniel Team

The Daniel Team is highly engaged in outreach that supports STEM diversity, increasing educational access and equity for all, and promotion of the benefits of science to our community and fellow citizens. Read more about our specific activities below.

Professor Daniel’s commitment to “paying it forward”

Professor Daniel is a first generation college student and a first generation American from German immigrants. She grew up in rural Pennsylvania and had many people along the way who supported her dreams and encouraged her growth. Her life experiences have solidified her commitment to helping those around her. She believes a career as a professor is a unique and special opportunity to impact the next generation and positively shape people’s lives. Read more about Susan’s efforts:

CBE Women

CBE Women is a graduate group that advocates for women’s inclusion in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and STEM. Many Daniel team members participate in CBE Women and the annual outreach for 10th grade girls and their parents.

CBE Women Milestones

  • CBE Women received the 2019 Graduate/Professional Student Organization of the Year Award presented by the Office of Student and Campus Life for exemplary work in diversity and inclusion at Cornell University.
  • CBE Women received the 2017 Women in Engineering ProActive Network’s Women in Engineering Initiative Award recognizing an outstanding project or initiative that serves as a model for other institutions.
  • Professor Daniel received the 2012 Denice Denton Emerging Leadership Award in recognition of her leadership of CBE Women and her impact on graduate education.
  • CBE Women was awarded the 2011 College of Engineering Alumni Association Student Leadership Award.


The W.O.M.E.N. Program is an annual outreach event for rural high school girls and their parents to explore STEM careers through interactive demonstrations, information sessions, and parent-student activities. W.O.M.E.N. is managed by CBE Women and nearly 30 graduate student and post docs from the department organize and participate in this event annually along with around 40 families.

Honors for the W.O.M.E.N. Program

  • CBE Women was a finalist for the 2017 international Global Engineering Dean’s Council/Airbus Diversity Award for the W.O.M.E.N. Program.

Diversity and Inclusion Program @ CBE

The Diversity and Inclusion Program @ CBE continually works to cultivate an environment that ensures the participation of every individual and empowers every person to reach their full potential. Professor Daniel is a faculty champion and a founding faculty member. Several Daniel Team members are founding graduate student representatives.

ScienceBlender Podcast

ScienceBlender podcast is a program that blends authentic graduate student stories with their science to communicate the importance of the human side to science in solving the most pressing problems of today.

CURIE and Catalyst Academies

The Daniel Team participates frequently in the Curie Academy and Catalyst Academy programs run by the College of Engineering Diversity Programs in Engineering. These academies are residential programs for high school girls and underrepresented minorities in STEM that inform career choices for rising college students. Professor Daniel and team have hosted the chemical engineering module for these academies several times in the past and continue to support their missions.

Science Advocacy

Professor Daniel and her students advocate for the support of science through organizations and programs such as:

Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (ChEGSA)

Many people in the Daniel Lab are involved in the chemical engineering graduate student association. This group connects the graduate and post doc bodies to the faculty and department and serves as a main communication conduit for working together. ChEGSA also organizes the annual Graduate Student Symposium and offers various professional development programs throughout the year.