Peer-reviewed journal articles

Miya Bidon

has her artwork of the coronavirus fusion peptide grace the cover of Journal of Virology!

Han-Yuan Liu

gets his work on the cover of a special issue of Langmuir!

Mark Richards

makes the cover of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News!

Deirdre Costello

gets the cover of Journal of Virology!

Research papers
  1. Singh, R.R., Daniel, S., and D. Koch, A Hydrodynamic Model for Sub-diffusion of Transmembrane Proteins due to Immobilized Obstacles, in preparation.


  1. Stuebler, M. #, Liu, H.Y. #, Miller, J., Richter, A., Roeder, A., Piñeros, M.A., Jander, G., Reimhult, E. and Daniel*, Plant Membrane-on-a-Chip, submitted.


  1. Straus, M. R., Bidon, M. #, Tang, T. #, Whittaker, G.R.*, and Daniel*, FDA-approved Calcium Channel Blockers Inhibit SARS CoV 2 Infectivity in Epithelial Lung Cells, submitted.


  1. Whittaker, G.R.*, and Daniel, Going Back in Time for an Antibody to Fight COVID-19, Nature News and Views, 583: 203-204, 2020.


  1. Pappa, A.M.**, Liu, H.Y. #**, Traberg, W., Thiburce, Q., Savva, A., Pavia, A., Salleo, A., Daniel, S., and R.M. Owens, Optical and Electronic Ion Channel Monitoring From Native Human Membranes, ACS Nano, in press. **both authors contributed equally; work highlighted in the August 2020 MRS Bulletin, “The quest for materials solutions to the coronavirus pandemic”


  1. Liu, H.Y.**#, Pappa, A.M.**, Pavia, A., Pitsalidis, C., Thiburce, Q., Salleo, A., Owens, R.M.* and Daniel*, Self-assembly of mammalian cell membranes on bioelectronic devices with functional transmembrane proteins. Langmuir, 36(26): 7325-7331, 2020. **both authors contributed equally; work highlighted in the August 2020 MRS Bulletin, “The quest for materials solutions to the coronavirus pandemic”


  1. Uribe, J. #, Liu, H.Y. #, Mohamed, Z. #, Fischbach, C., and Daniel*, A Supported Membrane Platform to Assess Surface Interactions between Extracellular Vesicles and Stromal Cells, ACS Biomed. Sci. Eng., 6(7): 3945-3956, 2020.


  1. Gnopo, Y.M.D., Mirsa, A., Hsu, H.L. #, DeLisa, M.P., Daniel, S., and D. Putnam*, Induced Fusion and Aggregation of Bacterial Outer Membrane Vesicles: Experimental and Theoretical Analysis, Coll. Int. Sci., 578: 522-532, 2020.


  1. Tang, T. #, Bidon, M. #, Jaimes, J., Whittaker, G.R., and Daniel*, Coronavirus Membrane Fusion Mechanism Offers a Potential Target for Antiviral Drug Developments, Antiviral Research, 178: 104792, 2020. **Invited review & received “April Highlighted Article” by the journal.


  1. Straus, M.R. **, Tang, T. # **, Lai, A.L., Flegel, A., Bidon, M. #, Freed, J.H, Daniel, S.*, G.R. Whittaker*, Ca2+ Ions Promote Fusion of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus with Host Cells and Increase Infectivity. Virol., 94: e00426-20, 2020. **both authors contributed equally; work received the cover of the journal.


  1. Liu, H.Y. #, Pappa, A.M., Hidalgo, T.C., Inal, S., Owens, R.M., and Daniel*, Biomembrane-based Organic Electronic Devices for Ligand-receptor Binding Studies, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 412(24): 6265-6273, 2020. **Invited contribution for special issue.


  1. Nathan, L. #, Lai, L., Millet, J.K., Freed, J.*, Whittaker, G.R.*, and Daniel*, Calcium ions directly interact with the Ebola virus fusion peptide to promote structure-function changes that enhance infection. ACS Infect. Dis., 6(2) 250-260, 2020.


  1. Su, H. #, Liu, H.Y. #, Pappa, A.M., Cavassin, P., Hidalgo, T.C., Inal, S., Owens, R.M., and Daniel*, Facile Generation of Biomimetic Supported Lipid Bilayers on Conducting Polymer Surfaces for Membrane Biosensing. ACS Appl. Mat. Interfaces, 11(47) 43799-43810, 2019.


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  1. Singh, R.R. #, Sangani, A.S., Daniel, S. and D.L. Koch*, The Combined Hydrodynamic and Thermodynamic Effects of Immobilized Proteins on the Diffusion of Mobile Transmembrane Proteins, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 87: 648-681, 2019.


  1. Badolo, A., Burt, F., Daniel, S., Fearns, R., Gudo, E.S., Kielian, M., Lescar, J., Shi, Y., von Brunn, A., Weiss, S.R. Hilgenfeld, R., Third Tofo Advanced Study Week on Emerging and Re-emerging Viruses, 2018, Antiviral Research, 162: 142-150, 2019.


  1. Millet, J.K., Tang, T. #, Nathan, L. #, Jaimes, J.A., Hsu, H.L. #, Daniel, S. and G.R. Whittaker, Production of Pseudotyped Particles to Study Highly Pathogenic Coronaviruses in a Biosafety Level 2 Setting. Vis. Exp. (145), e59010, 2019.


  1. Brown, J.S., Mohamed, Z.J. #, Artim, C.M., Thornlow, D.N., Hassler, J.F., Rigolioso, V.P., Daniel, S., and C.A. Alabi*, Antibacterial Isoamphipathic Oligomers Highlight the Importance of Multimeric Lipid Aggregation. Nature Commun. Biol., 1:220, 2018. ** Selected for Communications Biology Anniversary Collection.


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  1. Shreeram, D.D, Panmanee, W., McDaniel, C.T., Daniel, S., Schaefer, D.W., and D. J. Hassett*, Effect of impaired twitching motility and biofilm dispersion on performance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa-powered microbial fuel cells, Ind. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 45:103-109, 2018.


  1. Liu, H.-Y. #, Chen, W.-L., Ober, C.K., and Daniel*, Biologically Complex Planar Cell Plasma Membranes Supported on Polyelectrolyte Cushions Enhance Transmembrane Protein Mobility and Retain Orientation. Langmuir, 34 (3): 1061-1072, 2018. **Invited submission for Issue on Early Career Authors in Fundamental Colloid and Interface Science and featured on the Journal cover.


  1. Lai, A.L., Millet, J.K., Daniel, S., Freed, J.H., and G.R. Whittaker*, The SARS-CoV Fusion Peptide forms an Extended Bipartite Fusion Platform that Perturbs Membrane Order in a Calcium-Dependent Manner. Mol. Biol., 429 (24):3875-3892, 2017.


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  1. Lee, D.W. #, Allison, A.B., Bacon, K.B., Parrish, C.R.*, and Daniel*, Single-Particle Tracking Demonstrates a Point Mutation in the Carnivore Parvovirus Capsid Switches Binding to Host-Specific Transferrin Receptors. J. Virol., 90: 4849-4853, 2016. **Featured in the JVI Spotlight


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Education papers


  1. Sorg, V.C., Johnson, L.C, Westbrook, A.M., and Daniel*, Focusing on the Family: Engineering Outreach Targeting Rural High School Females and their Parents, 2016 Proceedings of American Society Engineering Education, St. Lawrence Section Meeting.


  1. Yang, A.H.J.#, Dimiduk, K., and Daniel*, A Simplified Model of Human Alcohol Metabolism that Integrates Biotechnology and Human Health into a Mass Balance Team Project, Chemical Engineering Education, 45: 21-29, 2011.


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