Patents At Cornell University

During the course of our research, the Daniel Team develops new technology, techniques, and process. We collaborate with these departments to make our discoveries public knowledge through patents.


Patent pending: Novel immunogen for production of coronavirus vaccines and therapeutic antibodies

Inventors  Gary R. Whittaker, Susan Daniel, Jean K. Millet, Tiffany Tang

Published  Patent Pending

Assignee  Cornell University

Status  Invention disclosure filed on 1/22/20



Patent pending: Plant Cell on a Chip

Inventors  Susan Daniel, Martin Stübler, Han-Yuan Liu

Published  Patent Pending

Assignee  Cornell University

Status  US Patent filed on July 11, 2019



US20130095512A1: Device for Sorting, Classifying, and Assaying Partition Behavior of Cell Membrane Biomolecules and Methods Based Thereon

Inventors  Susan Daniel, Ling Chao

Published  April 18, 2013

Assignee  Cornell University

Assigned To  National Science Foundation on March 28, 2016

Status  Abandoned on July 3, 2019