New York State regulations require unexpected fires in Cornell buildings to be reported to the University Fire Marshal. Use the red emergency phones in the hallway to report all fires.

If a fire can’t be extinguished, pull the fire alarm!

If a fire self-extinguishes or is put out by researchers, use the red emergency phone to report to Cornell Emergency Dispatch that a fire occurred and has been extinguished. They will send Cornell 2418 Emergency Responders to ensure the fire is out and assist with cleanup. There is no need to evacuate the building if the fire is immediately extinguished.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management conducts structural repairs and cleans non-hazardous spills (ie: water) on floors. They are not authorized to repair laboratory equipment, clean hazardous spills, or clean lab benches. 

Personal Protective Equipment

Lab members are required to wear eye protection at all times. Safety glasses are available near the doors of each lab. Contact the CBE Main Office (Olin 120) to order prescription eye protection. Alternatively, side shields can be purchased for members to attach to glasses for protection. Wearing glasses without additional shielding is inadequate eye protection.

Lab members are required to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. Changing rooms are available in Olin Hall. Students may store clothing in the locker above their desk.

Some tasks in the lab require additional personal protective equipment (PPE). For example, carrying out a piranha wash requires a face shield (instead of safety glasses or side shields), gloves, and lab coat. Consult the relevant standard operating procedures or protocols for additional measures.