Alexus Locke


Alexus Locke Alexus Locke, Cornell, PhD candidate, Susan Daniel research group

Ph.D. Candidate

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering



Despite the progress that has been made in cancer research to date, little progress has been made in identifying the mechanisms that promote metastasis. Therefore, for future cancer therapies to be successful and efficacious, a detailed knowledge of these mechanisms is necessary. Recent studies suggest that tumor-derived Extracellular Vesicles (TEVs) produced by cancer cells can stimulate cell migration, transform the extracellular matrix, and aid tumorigenesis by delivering cargo that stimulates the transformation of a variety of cells to promote metastasis. The goal of my study is to investigate and classify the mechanical properties of TEVs derived from varying culture conditions, define the mechanistic interactions between these TEVs and stromal cell membranes, and identify how these interactions influence stromal cell behavior.      


Professional Development

As  a  part  of  my  professional  development,  I facilitate a weekly group with international graduate students to offer language support and conversations about culture, academic interests, and campus life. I am also involved in CBE Women’s WOMEN event as the School Liaison where I reach out to high schools within upstate New York to promote STEM to high school girls. Lastly, I work with the Office of Internal Transfers and Concurrent Degrees (OITCD) as the Graduate Student Coordinator. I monitor the statistics of undergraduate students as they transfer from one college to another within the university. This data provides each college with essential information on the diversity and success rates of their applicant and acceptance pools.


Fun Facts

Outside the lab, I am a freelance graphic designer and photographer. However, I love to make art in any way possible whether it’s dancing, singing (badly), painting, designing, or doing photography. I also love traveling, meeting new people, all things Texas, and Disney.