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Postdoctoral Associate Alumni

NameResearch ProjectPosition After Daniel Lab
Kaiwen TianSingle Bacteria Metabolism of Wastewater for Fuel Cell OptimizationPost doc at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Ling ChaoMembrane-bound Species Partitioning in Two-phase Supported BilayersAssistant Professor at National Taiwan University
Kassandra KislerImaging Single Virions and Membrane Fusion with Total Internal Reflection MicroscopyPost doc at University of Southern California Medical School
Vivechana DixitElectrophoretic Separation in Supported Lipid BilayersResearch Assistant at Purdue University

Ph.D Student Alumni

NameThesis TitlePosition after Daniel Lab
Han-Yuan LiuReconstitution of Eukaryotic Membranes on Polymer Surfaces and Devices for Studies of Membrane Protein BiophysicsPost doc at Harvard Med School
Lakshmi NathanCharacterization of Ebolavirus EntryLeadership Program at BASF
Rohit SinghHydrodynamics and Diffusion of Membranes Proteins to Engineer Chemical Reactions in Synthetic Biomembrane Platforms Scientist at Intel
Hung-lun HsuUsing Single Virion Fusion Assay to Study Influenza Virus EntrysPost doc at University of Massachusetts Medical School
Chih-yun HsiaStudying Lipid-Protein Interaction Using Proteinaceous Supported Lipid Bilayers from Cell MembranesPost doc at Harvard Medical School
Mark J. RichardsInvestigating Lipid-protein Interactions using Supported Lipid BilayersProcess Engineer at Morphotek, Inc.
Donald W. LeeSingle-particle Tracking Assays and Computational Tools to Understand Virus-membrane InteractionsScientist at U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
Deirdre A. CostelloSingle Virion Fusion Studies of Enveloped Viruses to Biomimetic MembranesPost doc at Harvard Medical School

Masters Student Alumni

Name Research ProjectPosition After Daniel Lab
Hui SuFacile Generation of Biomimetic Supported Lipid Bilayers on Conducting Polymer Surfaces for Membrane Biosensing Technician in Daniel Lab
Martin StüblerDeveloped a biomimetic plant-cell-on-a-chip which led to a patent applicationProcess Engineer at MycoWorks
Miles FranckenImpact of formaldehyde on enzymatic activity of membrane proteinsDevice Development Engineer at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Tiffany WillacyInteraction of alpha-synuclein protein with lipid bilayersResearch Associate at Solid Biosciences
Kabir SodhiChemical characterization of algae strain chlorella 596Associate Director at Kudos Chemie Limited
Sudhir PrabhuUsing ionic strength to modulate lipid diffusion in solid-supported lipid bilayersScientist at Pfizer

Undergraduate Student Alumni

Name Research Project
James EspeletaGlycosylation on a chip
Brooke CohenEbolavirus Pseudoparticle Characterization
Hanna GrantProteinaceous Contents of Microvesicles and Cell Blebs
Nicole D’AntonProtein Functions and Interactions with Membranes using Supported Lipid Bilayers
Isabella YangDetermining How Ebolavirus Enters Cells and Delivers its Genome
Jun YanProtein-lipid Interactions between Alpha-synuclein and Charged Cell Membranes
Huma HaiderProtein-lipid Interactions Studied by Single Protein Tracking
Kaitlyn BaconSingle Particle Tracking of Influenza with Host Cell Membranes
Allan BrooksVirus-Cell Membrane Interactions
Kevin VasquezVirus-Cell Membrane Interactions
Sijun YangSingle Molecule Tracking and Brownian Motion Studies in Cell Membranes
Sakul RatanalertTEM and SEM Imaging of Virus Particles
Samantha BartonMass and Energy Balances Redesign Project
Kyle WolpertBiomolecule Separations in Supported Lipid Bilayers
Jiyeon HwangCURIE Academy Module Development
Rafael HenriquezLipid Diffusion Measurements on PDMS
Simon PangLipid Diffusion in Supported Lipid Bilayers
Ke LuiLipid Diffusion in Supported Lipid Bilayers