Samavi Farnush Bint E Naser

Samavi Farnush Bint E Naser

Ph.D. Candidate

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Research Assistant






I study how to optimize microbial fuel cells through microfluidic electrochemistry. Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are one of the most promising renewable “green” technologies with the potential to solve wastewater treatment and sustainable energy production simultaneously. MFCs are biochemical systems that transfer electrons directly or indirectly from microorganisms found in wastewater to an external circuit. The overall goal of my research project is to develop a platform for studying bacterial metabolism and the chemical conversion to energy using a micro-fluidic system. Currently, I am working on designing a micro-electrode system using conductive polymer for measuring electrochemical output from electrogenic bacteria which would then be incorporated in a microfluidic device to facilitate faster and efficient screening of the organisms. The platform will help us understand electron transfer mechanisms and optimize the biofilm community diversity in the MFCs to maximize their potential.



Professional Development

In addition to my research, I volunteered as the school liaison in the yearly outreach event organized by CBE Women.



Fun Facts

Outside the lab, I like to spend my time watching movies, reading crappy novels, traveling and sometimes cooking.