Getting Settled

Request a notebook from Olin 120 and attach the template to the front cover.

Mirror the folder tree in your assigned Box folder.

Complete the training modules and file the Door Access Request (DAR) to get your lab key and card activation.

Setting Up Software

Access the team Slack page by asking any team member to send you an invitation. We use this software to communicate. Go to the #On-boarding channel for further Slack instructions.

Set up a Calendly account. We use this software to schedule meetings and will attach the link in your website bio.

Import the team Google Calendar to your personal calendar. We use this program to coordinate team schedules.

Instructions for Calendly and Google Calendar are in the Software Guide and on the Slack #on-boarding channel.

Review the Media Training Guide before posting on the team Instagram or Twitter.  Information to access both of those accounts is listed in Slack under the #media_social channel.

Starting On Equipment

Schedule time with equipment managers for training and access to the instrument reservation calendars.


Professor Daniel holds weekly individual meetings and general meetings with the entire team.


Graduate students must attend CBE Seminar, CHEME 7900: Chemical Engineering Seminar, and Bio-Lunch, CHEME 7410: Selected Topics in Biochemical Engineering, unless their absence is approved by Professor Daniel.


To reserve rooms for meetings:
For coordinating faculty visits:
Departmental information can be found on the CBE Intranet:

Department Staff & Faculty